Qualified Lash & Brow Technician offering Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and High Definition Eyebrows.

Beautiful lashes giving your eyes an instant lift.Extensions create full, thick and natural looking lashes.

Treatment takes approximately two hours for a full set. Each extension is individually bonded to your natural lashes one by one.

Eyelash extensions last approximately three weeks depending on your own eyelash cycle

HD eyebrows are a unique treatment for the ultimate well-groomed, high definition eyebrows

A combination of skills are used to achieve this glamorous look.

Beginning with a customer consultation and preparation to custom blending, designing, and tailoring the shape of the brows. The look is maintained by customized aftercare

Luxurious Lashes

  • Perfect Silk Eyelashes

    Silk lashes, unlike the name implies; are not made from silk. They're actually made from synthetic silk that is shaped into perfectly curled lashes

    They are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top, and are made to look natural and full. With these types of synthetic lashes, you can sleep with them on, swim, sunbathe and play sports

    The lashes require very little maintenance and allow you to continue with your daily activities without worrying about them falling out

  • Price List for Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

    Silk eyelashes €50

    Mink eyelashes €50

    Refills From €30

    Removal €10

    Eyelash Tint €10

  • Siberian Mink Eyelashes

    The biggest new thing in artificial eyelash technology is the Siberian Mink Eyelash explosion. Formerly only used by Hollywood A-listers, this stunning look would normally be very expensive

    As this treatment is slowly reaching the mainstream market, you can now get a full set of Mink Eyelashes for only €50

    These eyelashes are light, full, and generally regarded as superior to all other lashes

Luxurious Brows

  • High Definition Eyebrows

    HD Brows is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design.

    It involves a combination of techniques. Eybrows are carefully tinted, waxed and threaded using a range of specialised HD Brows products

    Even over plucked brows can have HD, a regrowth programme will train your brows into shape over a course of visits

    The treatment lasts up to one hour depending on the condition of the eyebrows

  • Price List for High Definition Eyebrows

    Tint €10

    Shape €10

    HD Brows Package* €20

    *Package includes Assessment and Design, Tinting, Waxing, Threading, Tweezing, Trimming…and a high quality finish

  • High Definition Eyebrows

    Most people get the HD Brows look immediately. However sometimes it takes a few visits for your brows to be perfected

    Brow shapes are tailored to the individual as they have to suit your look and personality. Your brows can be made dark or light, thick or thin, sharp or soft

    Our eyebrows are a vital part of your personality. Not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them! And that’s why the right brow shape and colour can take years off you